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I've tried quite a few Milk make up products and this is my favourite so far It's very easy to use and because the formula contains lots of little fibres, it makes my brows looks much thicker The gel : keeps my brows in place throughout the day but because the formula contains some kind of oil, my brows don't feel crunchy and hard Be the first to know what's trending, straight from Elite Daily For me,this is the stand out product from the MILK brand The smaller size brush makes it much easier to control and get the product where you want it to go It leaves brows looking full and fluffy yet still natural looking as I hate the full on fake looking brow look It also leaves brows soft and not all hard and crispy like some other gels One of the best brow gels around and easy to use Definitely recommend alleyoop brushThe Alleyoop Multi-Tasker 4-in-1 Makeup Brush can be found at meetalleyoop com for $24 Get it now before it sells out, again 36149 00 36119 00 The good news is that if you are really tired of finding yourself stuck without the right makeup brush, then you need Alleyoop Multi Tasker The bad news is that you have nothing to lose with this awesome Multi Tasker brush by Alleyoop It gives you all the brushes you will ever need for your makeup in a pinch Alleyoop brush is extremely soft, the sponge is replaceable and it is a godsend for decluttering your makeup bag Under the Blending Sponge is the Medium Shadow Brush 8211 youll love this for application and blending You can easily do your whole eye with this brush though I think youll find the brow brush to be useful for detail work best skin careBetween work, family, hobbies, friends, and all of your commitments, we know that it can be hard to find time to focus on your skin health Plus, when you wander down the skincare aisle at the drugstore, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the hundreds of products on the shelves Which products do you actually need, and which can you skip? This month, we’re sharing the three essential steps that we believe should be in everyone’s basic skincare routine Now you donx2019t need to be one of Joanna Vargasx2019 famous clients to get access to her skincare secrets, thanks to Glow from Within The celebrity aestheticianx2014whose approach is a cross between natural and high-techx2014shares her advice on all aspects of skincare and self-care, including her favourite ingredients, lifestyle tips, and thoughts on cosmetic procedures """"


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